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Fremstrikk Nordic mix sweater (Eng)

Nordic mix sweater is a knitting pattern designed by Laura Dalgaard.

This pattern is written in English and will be downloadable .

This pattern is part of Fremstrikk 2023. Fremstrikk is a magazine from Rauma Garn made with the intention of promoting those who work with, engage in, and create using Norwegian wool. In Fremstrikk 2023 we have teamed up with six talented and inspiring designers. Each of them have created a pattern using one of our softest yarn qualities made from Norwegian wool, Fivel.



Laura Dalgaard designed the Nordic Mix Sweater for Fremstrikk. It is a sweater with colorwork patterns inspired by traditional knitting from the Nordic countries. “I am first and foremost inspired by the yarn, that is Fivel. I wanted to create a mash-up of various traditional patterns and give them new life,” Laura says. She found old pictures of knitted sweaters, cut them apart, and glued them back together to create a sweater with different patterns. Laura also made a swatch with traditional patterns that included a leopard pattern to break it up a bit. But it wasn’t enough. It had to be more unique. She then tried to blend the different patterns together. That’s when it started to resemble what she had envisioned.

A boxy sweater with a patchwork of traditional Nordic knitting patterns.


Bust circumference: 102 (109) 116 (122) 129 (136)
142 cm.
Full length: 59 (61) 61 (62) 62 (63) 65 cm
Sleeve length: 48 (48) 47 (46) 45 (44) 43 cm

Rauma Fivel

Color 1: 5 (6) 6 (7) 7 (8) 9 skeins
Color 2: 5 (6) 6 (7) 7 (8) 9 skeins
Color 1: Fivel 21 – Blå
Color 2: Fivel 01 – Natur

18 sts x 20 rows = 10 x 10 cm in pattern on needle 5 mm. To make sure you meet gauge you should make a swatch. Use a part of the sleeve or body chart and knit in the round to make sure you get the correct result. It is important to meet gauge to get the given measurements.

Circular needle 5 mm (40 + 80-100 cm)

For this pattern it is recommended to buy at least 10 skeins of Rauma Fivel.