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Fremstrikk Laura dress (Eng)

The Laura dresss is a knitting pattern designed by Julie Embrå of Embraknit.

This pattern is written in English and will be downloadable .

This pattern is part of Fremstrikk 2023. Fremstrikk is a magazine from Rauma Garn made with the intention of promoting those who work with, engage in, and create using Norwegian wool. In Fremstrikk 2023 we have teamed up with six talented and inspiring designers. Each of them have created a pattern using one of our softest yarn qualities made from Norwegian wool, Fivel.



Julie Embrå wanted to create a dress for Fremstrikk as she thinks there are not enough stylish knitted dresses out there, and Julie loves wearing dresses. She also loves colors, so she chose a bright turquoise color when casting on for the dress. She wanted a feminine and wavy shape and tested various techniques to find the right fit and expression. “I’ve played around a bit, and my gut feeling tells me I’ve ended up with a good result.” The dress is named Laura, after Laura Dalgaard. “It was so nice to get to know her when we visited Romsdalen, so warm and kind. She made an impression on me. It felt natural to name the pattern after her as she is also a part of Fremstrikk.”

A cool and feminine dress that will work for every occasion. The dress is an easy knit and a great project for beginners. It is knit from the bottom up.

XS (S) M (L) XL

Short version ca. 82 (82) 83 (83) 84 cm (or desired
Long version ca. 114 (114) 115 (115) 116 cm (or desired
Breast circumference: 80-85 cm (85-90 cm) 90-95
cm (95-100 cm) 100-105 cm

Rauma Fivel and Rauma Alpaca Silk

Short version:
Rauma Fivel ca. 6 (6) 7 (7) 8 skeins
Rauma Alpaca Silk ca. 3 (3) 4 (4) 4 skeins or Holst Garn Titicaca
Long version:
Rauma Fivel ca. 8 (9) 10 (10) 10 skeins
Rauma Alpaca Silk ca. 5 (5) 5 (5) 6 skeins
The number of skeins needed are approximate and may
vary depending on your height and preferred skirt length.
Alternative 1:
Fivel 10 – Emeraldgrønn
Alpaca Silk 0961 – Mørk grønn
Alternative 2:
Fivel 13 – Rosa
Alpaca Silk 5279 – Cerise
Alternative 3:
Fivel 23 – Lys turkis
Alpaca Silk 5114 – Lys blå

14 sts stockinette on needle 6 mm = 10 cm

6 mm circular needle (80 cm long)
Knit a gauge swatch before you start your project to
make sure you get the given measurements.

For this pattern it is recommended to buy at least 6 skeins of Rauma Fivel and 3 skeins of Holst Garn Titicaca.